Developing new materials and examining failures or changes in old materials require specialized tools and customized analysis.  MicroVision Labs has a suite of material analysis tools to document and examine structural features from millimeters to nanometers, and to analyze materials both inorganic and organic.  Engineers in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and medical disciplines routinely work with our analysts and scientific support staff to assist in investigations for a wide variety of applications.  Failure analysis, new product design, material and product verification, and process engineering and optimization are all projects we can assist you with.

Elemental Mapping

By overlaying the EDS elemental data on the corresponding SEM image, our new EDS detectors can rapidly produce vivid color elemental maps.  The colors on the map represent the elemental make-up of the imaged area.  This allows one to quickly and easily interpret the components present in the sample.  Save a thousand words and use one of these pictures in your next project.

Light Microscopy/Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)
Light microscopy allows for the examination of optical and structural properties of a variety of samples.  Optical properties such as polarization and birefringence help to differentiate between fibers, minerals, ceramics, biological materials and opaque materials including paints, coatings and metallic particles.  This allows a wide range of particles to be quickly and effectively identified and quantified by an experience analyst.


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