Quality Control / Assurance

Manufacturing can be a complicated and problematic endeavor, especially in high technology or specialized industries. Microscopy offers a host of tools to investigate a number of issues pertaining to maintaining quality and verifying proper manufacturing.  Checking sizes, thicknesses, and the composition of individual materials in a multi-part product or item can easily be done, sometimes non-destructively.  Additionally, contaminants, inclusions and alteration artifacts of your product can be investigated.  Failures, supply chain changes, variations in vendors, and vetting new manufacturing processes are all types of applications our skilled analysts can help you with.

Elemental Mapping

By overlaying the EDS elemental data on the corresponding SEM image, our new EDS detectors can rapidly produce vivid color elemental maps.  The colors on the map represent the elemental make-up of the imaged area.  This allows one to quickly and easily interpret the components present in the sample.  Save a thousand words and use one of these pictures in your next project.


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